The Art of Intuitive Living: 8 Happy Habits to Find Your Intuitive Groove

Would you believe me if I told you there is a more fun, magical way to live your life?

It’s possible to live a life full of synchronicities, good timing, and delightful rendezvous with the world around you. It’s not only possible but achievable.

Wouldn’t that be a life where you’re eager to get out of bed each morning to see what’s going to happen today?

That’s what occurs when you begin living intuitively. You tune in to a world seen and unseen that is here to love and support you. 

In this course, you’ll set the groundwork for creating habits that nurture your intuition. Practices you can begin incorporating into your life today.

As you establish these eight happy habits, you’ll see your intuition take root and grow—guiding you in delightful, unexpected directions.

So, I’ll let you in on a little secret.
You're already intuitive.

Intuitive living is an art, and when you want to master an art form, you must practice your craft. So, just like you would practice playing the piano or spend time refining the craft of making the perfect cupcake, you practice living intuitively. The more focus and attention you give your inner life (where your intuition lives) and practice listening to that intuition, the more it naturally blooms in your life.

The best part is that honing your intuitive skills is fun!

“I highly recommend Michele's work! Michele is naturally gifted at presenting spiritual ideas in a way that’s not only easy to understand but also integrate into your everyday life. Her approach to teaching always leaves me feeling uplifted, wiser and supported on my spiritual journey.”

-Lisa Alessi with Renaissance Leader Coaching

Michele is great at explaining spiritual concepts so you can understand their meaning. She helps you find balance and clarity. Her words are calm and reassuring.

-Beth Ward, artist

What You Will Receive

  • 8 Video Learning Sessions
    Join Michele for weekly video learning sessions where you’ll discover eight happy habits that get you in the groove of listening to your intuition.

  • 8 Downloadable Meditations
    You’ll receive eight downloadable meditations to listen to each week as you progress through the course.

  • 8 Intuitive Outings
    Explore your intuition in your daily life by experimenting with intuitive outings. Michele provides you with ideas and inspiration to put your intuition to work.

  • 8 Downloadable Worksheets
    Follow along each week by completing the worksheets that help you stay on track and culminate your learning.
Video Learning Sessions

Audio Meditations

Worksheets & Intuitive Outings

Session 1: Self-love: What’s Love Got to do with It?

We begin with the most important (and sometimes most challenging) happy habit. So, before you roll your eyes and decide you don’t need another pep talk about loving yourself, learn why self-love is essential in listening to your intuition.

  • Why it’s important to turn the laser beam of love on yourself
  • How self-love frees you to go your own way
  • Giving yourself permission to be selfish leads to your life-purpose 
  • Make friends with your Ego/Personality
  • How to achieve the vibration of love so that you can connect with your Original-self
  • Downloadable meditation to activate love for yourself
  • Intuitive Outing Idea
  • Downloadable worksheet

Session 2: Meditation: It’s Way More than Sitting on a Mat

Meditation is the gateway to your inner world. When you tune out the stimuli of your outer world, your inner world naturally enhances. Intuition is heard easiest when we get quiet.

  • How to meditate and when
  • Meditation is more than quieting your mind
  • Learn how to tune into your guidance 
  • Downloadable meditation to set the groove for receiving intuition
  • Intuitive Outing Idea
  • Downloadable worksheet

Session 3: Deep Listening: What Happens When You Stop Talking and Start Listening

It’s not often you listen intently to yourself in a kind, inquisitive way. Your body, dreams, and guidance are speaking to you. When you discover your listening groove, you give your life permission to transform in miraculous ways.

  • Stop overworking your ears and learn how to listen with the entire body
  • Your body is talking to you, but are you paying attention
  • How to listen for the next steps on your spiritual path
  • Downloadable meditation to set the groove for deep listening
  • Intuitive Outing Idea
  • Downloadable worksheet

Session 4: Creativity: Making Room for the Creative Spirit Within You

You are creative. Everyone is. You may just not be allowing enough room for your creative spirit to emerge. Hint: It likes lots of space and room to play!

  • Why you are creative and how it already manifests in your life
  • Why play is vital for intuition
  • Learn the secret ingredient to creativity
  • Downloadable meditation to find your creative groove
  • Intuitive Outing Idea
  • Downloadable worksheet 

Session 5: Exquisite Thought: Turning those Pesky Thoughts into Your Own Best Cheerleader

You can be your own best friend, loving confidant, and biggest supporter. When you know this about yourself and act on it, the Universe will bend over backward to display its goodness to you.

  • Save it for the pages: journaling and how it opens a portal to your intuition
  • Learn how to flip our negative energy into positive energy
  • The secret to living a mystical life
  • Downloadable meditation to discover your Soul’s wisdom
  • Intuitive Outing Idea
  • Downloadable worksheet

Session 6: Non-Judgment and Neutrality 

Rethinking what non-judgment is and looking at it from an energetic standpoint can change your life—for the better! It’s one of the easiest and best skills you already know how to do.

  • Learn the energetic importance of neutrality and how it helps you easily hear your intuition
  • Understand how to stop entangling your energy as you go about your day and why it will help you make better decisions
  • Non-judgment, allowing, and surrender: could they all be the same thing
  • Downloadable meditation to find your neutral center point
  • Intuitive Outing Idea
  • Downloadable worksheet

Session 7: Staying Present: No More Phoning It In or Going on Auto-Pilot while living your life

Tuning out is so common now that we light up like a flower thirsty for the sunshine when someone really pays attention to us. You can be that light for yourself, your family, and your friends. 

  • Be here now, and still get to day-dream, imagine and think
  • You are a super-power—the magic of living in awareness
  • Learn to recognize the Sacred Pause and use it to create consciously 
  • Downloadable meditation to find your groove as YOU
  • Intuitive Outing Idea
  • Downloadable worksheet

Session 8: Intuition: Communication from the Original You

When you chose to incarnate on earth, you’d never have agreed to come here if you thought you had to do it all by yourself. Instead, you knew for sure that your Soul-self would be constantly communicating with you every step of the way. Guiding you and supporting you during your earth journey. That communication is what humans call intuition.

  • You are part of a Soul team
  • Learn your role in the team
  • Discover the default vibration that automatically syncs you with your Soul
  • You already know your most effortless way to receive messages
  • Downloadable meditation to discover your primary method of receiving guidance
  • Intuitive Outing Idea
  • Downloadable worksheet

The Art of Intuitive Living:

8 Happy Habits to Find Your Intuitive Groove

8-Week Course

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course start and end?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

What supplies do I need for the course?

None! Just you and your intuition.

How much time does the course take each week?

Each session is 20-30 minutes of teaching. Followed up with a 10-15 minute worksheet to complete. And, a 10-15 minute downloadable meditation for you to listen.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

Michele Sammons

Michele Sammons is an inspirational author, spiritual teacher, and highly-attuned guide who works with clients worldwide helping them transform their lives through divine guidance.

As an empath and intuitive, Michele’s light-hearted, joyful approach embraces her clients right where they are on their spiritual path and gently guides them to personal clarity and understanding. She is passionate about working with Spirit to uplift others while spreading love and joy along the way.